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VAT & Corporate Tax Consultancy


VAT is a complex tax which affects most businesses and organizations. Whether it’s completing and submitting quarterly VAT returns or considering the implications of specific transactions, getting it wrong can be a costly mistake. Our experts anticipate risks and opportunities through applying their sector experience to our knowledge of your business and activities.



Our VAT team is here to help.

We provide high quality VAT services, tailored to your needs, which ensure that you comply with UK VAT law, pay the correct amount of VAT at the right time and help you reduce your VAT costs.

Our services include:

  • Assisting with VAT registration.
  • VAT advice.
  • Preparing/reviewing your VAT returns.
  • Advice in relation to international transactions
  • Preparing overseas VAT refund claims.


Our specialists can provide you with reassurance that your net VAT position is accurate.

Periodic checking of your financial systems can be beneficial in many ways, not least in ensuring that you do not receive notification of any unexpected tax liabilities from HMRC. We can provide these periodic checks for you, ensuring that your systems stay at their most efficient.

Whichever solution is most appropriate for your business or organization we will:

  • quickly identify any areas for concern or weaknesses in your accounting controls and systems;
  • investigate transactions which may not have been accounted for properly;
  • identify potential ways to reduce your overall VAT liability;
  • recommend appropriate remedial actions to ensure that your processes, procedures and employees are fully aware of the VAT implications to your business or organisation emanating from trading, expenditure and capital acquisitions.

We also provide comprehensive VAT planning advice regarding property and capital transactions as the potential costs and savings of the VAT element of these transactions can be significant.

What will our VAT health checks and planning advice give you?

  • comfort that you are not unnecessarily overpaying VAT or missing out on valid input tax claims;
  • assurance that your VAT liabilities are paid at the correct time and through the correct mechanism;
  • assistance in cash flow management;
  • assurance that you comply with your statutory and legal obligations;
  • thorough investigation of your VAT risks and potential weaknesses within your accounting system.

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